Desert Energy is booming around the world.

The desert is ideal to produce energy cheaply and reliable. The rapid cost reduction has driven many countries to install much more renewables:

S Why are Solarthermal-Plants so important?

Take a tour through the most impressive solar plants in the World: 

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What is Desert Energy?

Desert Energy is simply the term for all energy produced in deserts. Deserts have been unproductive lands in the past, with no agriculture. But in the 21st Century we do not only need to feed soon to be 10 billion people. They have a hunger for energy as well.

As bad as deserts are for food production, for energy production they are ideal. At no other place in the world the sun shines that much and so many strong winds blow across a flat plane. Auch sind die flachen Wüstenlandschaften exzellent für Windkraftanlagen geeignet.

How we can already capture and more important distribute that energy is described under “Technology

For every densely populated area in the world there is a desert nearby to power it. This makes Desert Energy a project were Industrial Nations, Developing Countries, Tech-Companies and Investors can work together to utilize the possibilities of the desert. What advantages this offers to each of the partners is covered under “Development and Investment”.