What do we do?

We are working on the fast global implementation of the DESERTEC Concept, a comprehensive solution that combats global warming, ensures a reliable energy supply, and promotes development and security. The team of the DESERTEC Foundation consits of people, who believe that another world is possible. Committed to turn Vision into Reality, each team member works pro bono to support the mission.

— We raise awareness for the benefits of DESERTEC and the energy-potential of Desert Regions

— Promote the establishment of the political and economic framework conditions necessary for a global transition to renewables

— Support knowledge transfer and scientific co-operation

— Foster exchange and co-operation with the private sector

The Team of the DESERTEC Foundation

Supervisory Board

Dr. Dirk Hamann


Dr. Dirk Hamann is a laywer that specializes in resources and energy. He is a partner at gunnercooke, with previous jobs at Rimôn Falkenfort, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP.

He is a member of the presidium at the Deutsche Gesellschaft Club of Rome.

Sabir Adam


Sabir Adam is an expert in investment banking and Green Energy. He studied finance and business administration at HEC Paris. He has been the managing director of Pact Limited and is involved in the JETP – Financial Alliance for Net-Zero. His cumulated transactions exceed 30 billion pound. He advises project developers in selling energy projects. 

Frank Schweikert


Frank Schweikert is a biologist and journalist. He is a co-founder of the Deutsche Meeresstiftung (German Sea Foundation). He initiated the “Aldeberan”, a ship that serves educational and scientific purposes, as well as the Climate Week of Hamburg. For his outstanding work, many prices have been awarded to him. 

He is an associated member of the German Association Club of Rome.

Sebastian Gallehr


He is a board member at the Global Climate Forum, Deputy-Chairman of the e5-European Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Materials and led the ICT Study on Smart Grids by DG INFSO. 

He regularly participated in the UNFCCC-Climate Negotiations and chaired the Eco Inovation Panel (EuropeINNOVA). 

Board of Directors

Timo Bracht


Timo Bracht has been involved in several Organisations and Foundations. He organizes the communication with scientists, politicians and other NGOs.

Michael Schröder


Michael Schröder designed energy projects up to 1 GW. He is an expert in Rating and Project Management.

He organizes the communication with companies and politicians.


Hubert Schwingshandl


Hubert Schwingshandl is an expert for electricity markets. His career started in 1972 and he held several Senior Positions. He directed the Energy-Economics-Department of EON Energy in Munich from 2007 until 2013. Mr. Schwingshandl created several projects both for EON and Bayernwerk and was member of several national and international expert committees. He also lectured on Energy-Management at the University of Landshut. 



Board of Advisors

Dr. Stefan M. Büttner 

Dr. Stefan M. Buettner is the Director of Global Strategy & Impact at the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP) and chairs the UN ECE Task Force on Industrial Energy Efficiency, as well as the UN ECE Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency. 

He also coordinates the joint activities of EEP and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation. Mr. Buettner is working on multinational committees, such as the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG), the EU Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy (CCCE), the UN ECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, the UN ECE Task Force on Carbon Neutrality. 

Dr. Buettner has further expertise through his work as Associate of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and as Senior Parliamentary Advisor at the Scottish Parliament. He was International Advisor and Co-Author of the US Energy Strategy “Energy 2030” and a member of the International Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency Global Forum (EE Global). He studied International Economics in Tübingen, Germany and Boston, United States. 


Dr. Ulrich Hueck 

Dr. Ulrich Hueck made an apprenticeship as a heating mechanic and later studied engineering. He developes the next generation of solarthermal power plants. 

As one of DESERTEC´s Founding Contributers held many public speeches behind the technology of the DESERTEC Concept. 

Passy Ogolla


Passy Ogolla is an African Eco-Activist. She is a member of the Society for International Development, School of International Futures and YOUNGO. Writing about nature, renewable energies and sustainability she inspires change in behaviour and policy.

Chiagozie Udeh


Chiagozie Udeh is a Nigerian climate activist. His efforts have focused on UN Climate Action and working on aspects like the YOUNGO, Youth Constituency and the COP – Climate Negotiations.

Jörg Hoffmann


Jörg Hoffman has a PHD as a process engineer. He has more than 35 years of experience in plant construction. He is also a working psychotherapist.

He volunteers in the Ruhr-Area in the field of sociatal inclusion (Founding Member of KD 11/13 and Second Chairman of Life Culture Factories).